Choosing & Sizing Hurtta Jackets

Choosing & Sizing Hurtta Jackets

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Based in Finland, Hurtta are no strangers to extreme weather, so there is no surprise that they are highly competent when they design their range of jackets for dogs.

The UK however 'benefits' from a temperate climate getting mostly cool wet winters and warmer summers that are still threatened by rain in any month. For the most part we don't do extreme unlike Finland which can be like a freezer in the spring never mind the depths of winter.

This fact should be taken into account when choosing a suitable jacket for your pooch. Some dogs, especially short haired or smaller breeds, definitely benefit from adding warmth but for a lot it is simply rain protection that is key. A dry dog is a warmer dog.



Cold Weather

For dogs that feel cold the most the Extreme Warmer is by far the most insulating of Hurtta's winter coats. Adorned with fleece lining and extra flappage (not a word)  around the hindquarters it is a great way of protecting your dog against the coldest of weather.

For the UK, the Expedition Parka, is more popular and provides great protection against the UK's version of winter. It benefits from a slightly shorter cut, a more rugged fabric and mobility is less impaired than the duvet like Extreme Warmer.

Wet Weather

These jackets are the sweet spot for our wooly breeds of dog. Not too hot but highly practical to defend against wet weather. Hurtta's special fabric does a good job of protecting from rain but do remember there is always a saturation point - short of fitting them in a rubberised suit nothing is truly waterproof - we know this from our experience trotting along the fells in atrocious conditions - sometimes adventures are best left for another day.

The key offers are the Drizzle, MonsoonDownpour. All extremely good waterproof jackets but each with a slightly different use case.

The Drizzle is a highly effective jacket for active dogs as it not only protects from the rain, it also has a reflective fabric on the underside which acts as an effective muscle warmer - it is the perfect solution for agility dogs and alike.

The Monsoon as you will tell from the name is more appropriate for heavier rainfall as it benefits from taped seams and that fact alone makes it more suitable for adventure walks and sustained exposure to the elements.

The Downpour is a slightly different design to the rest of the jackets highlighted as it is the only one Mountain Dog sell by Hurtta that provdes full body coverage with legs rather than a cape style. A great product, a little more challenging to get on a wiggly dog, but once they are in they are super protected - legs, belly and all!

Also check out their Body Warmer a great solo warming layer for home/travel or a perfect addition to provide warmth underneath the Downpour

For all jackets it is important to note that waterproof material is not especially thorn proof - so if your pal is likely to enjoy the undergrowth do contact us to discuss alternatives. Some materials are more durable than others which is why we sell a variety of jackets from different brands.

All product particulars are provided on their own product page on:

Getting the right size

If we could get this right every time we would be delighted but unfortunately until the jacket meets the dog you can't be 100%.

What you can do though is get very close to the right size by following these steps.

Back-length (Measure me first)

It is imperative that you try and measure correctly because as much as we love speaking with our customers - replacing products multiple times is something, I'm sure, both parties want to avoid due to added postage cost & delay - so let's get as near as we can by taking a few minutes to work this out.

After you have captured your dog, measure from the very bottom of the neck to the root of the tail. A lot of people get this step wrong and we don't want your dog looking like a kid wearing their dad's coat or trying to squeeze them into something far too small.

The following pictures will guide you:




Top Tip! Unlike the pictures do not use drawing pins to secure your tape measure


What to choose?

In the example above the dog measures 42cm length.

Simply, if your dog is stocky like this mannequin, size up to 45cm, if they are more slight of size maybe start with a 40cm. Whilst back length is the key parameter there are more considerations discussed below before making your final size choice.

The picture below shows our well behaved dog (didn't move for the picture at all - we are training Jedis) wearing a 45cm version of the Monsoon jacket.

This Monsoon jacket also benefits from a drawstring that cinches up the length too - not all jackets have this so please check the individual description if you feel this extra feature will help the fit.

Given the size of this dog (42cm) they could have possibly squeezed one size down into a 40cm version too - this is down to your judgement - If you choose to do this please note all proportions of the jacket are smaller too - sometimes resulting in a sporty fit, but sometimes resulting in something less desirable- think lycra clad marathon runner :-)


Step Two - Girth Size

Once you have established/shortlisted the likely length you need (you are always welcome to order two and return one if unsure), it is VITAL that you then cross-check the chest (girth) size of your dog with the size chart for your chosen coat length.

For our example, a 45cm Monsoon jacket, the chest size is adjustable from 45-85cm. Our model, on Miriam the Mannequin, was 63cm around there so absolutely fine for the jacket length we chose.



This is simply a measurement of the aperture of the hood opening, Hurtta try to accommodate round faced dogs so if you don't have this style of doggo don't be surprised if this measurement is huge compared to the size you really need for their head. The good news is this can be cinched up on fitting.

Downpour Legs

For the Downpour the process is the same but it is key you then establish the leg length in addition to the other measurements. 


I did all this and it still didn't fit!


It happens, luckily not that often, but these are some common reasons why not:-

Your breed is inconsistent with Hurtta's sizing variations

Hurtta tries to provide solutions for the majority of dogs but occasionally we get the odd dog whose waist is too small for the length and similar other challenges.

Home crafting or looking at alternate brands can always help here. Count yourself unlucky if this is the case as Hurtta's sizing is very flexible compared to its competitors. have a handy tool where you can cross-check your breed to a likely size just pop into their product listing and size by breed - it may help understanding what is fitting other similar dogs.


Your dog is quite slight and is sitting into the hood/snood 

Sometimes owners are forced to size down as the physiology of their dog means they are sitting into the hood too far. The hood is intended to roll back and become a snood when needed. Broader dogs like our model above rarely have this problem but whippet type dogs or particularly wiry breeds may benefit from a size down. With correct measurements it is only usually one size but there have been exceptions where they have gone down more again.


Understand Hurtta's Measurements in context - It helps for all fittings

Hurtta's size charts are 100% factually correct - you just need to take time to understand them to get a near first-time fit.

Here is the back length of the 45cm jacket that we put on our model - the key is the hood is not part of this calculation.

From the bottom of the hood (where the neck adjuster toggle is) to the tail end of the jacket it is 45cm. 


Here's a different jacket this time a 30cm Expedition showing the same:



Most of our customers, by employing this guidance, get the fit they need first or second time and we sincerely hope this blog helps get your dog into the right size jacket as quickly as possible.

We want dry and snug pooches all around the UK

Mountain Dog are always willing to help guide you and our 30 day return policy should give you the comfort to try it on at home.

Let the jackets meet the dogs

(Say in Bolton accent for more Paddy McGuiness authenticity)

As a last resort if you've ended up with one a little too big/small from your order - do use the coat you have to establish if it is sitting 5cm, 10cm too big/small off the back of the tail - that's an easy way to establish what size you should be replacing it with.

Any questions, just bark at us - we always want to help :-)



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