An Introduction to Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear are the latest and greatest brand to join us at Mountain Dog and we are over the moon that their products are now live on our site.

Their story strikes a similar chord to ours, starting in 2006 and inspired by their own dog Hårek who was one of the most talented dogs competing in skijoring. Our story started with our founder’s own dog Denver as they scaled the 214 Wainwright's of the English Lake District.

One of the issues the founders of Non-stop faced was they simply couldn’t find an appropriate harness that wouldn’t restrict his breathing or movement. So they decided to design their own harness which would allow all dogs, not just those engaged in canicross, bikejor, skijor etc, to run free and without restriction. This harness, the Freemotion Harness, was the foundation of Non-stop dogwear which was founded in Norway in 2009. Today they have grown significantly and have a presence in over 27 countries!

Animal welfare is a key priority in their product creation, and this is a fundamental for any product that we are going to list here on Mountain Dog. Their goal is to facilitate and encourage an active life together between dog and owner. They know that an active dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog means a happy owner!

We couldn’t echo these words anymore if we tried. Apart from how much we like their products, their overall ethos compliments ours entirely and that is a key reason we are so proud to have them as a new brand partner.

Belts and Leashes
Non-Stop are a well respected brand in the Canicross community, with a wide range of Belts, such as the Canix Belt, the Ferd Belt and the Trekking Belt, along with their core harness, the Freemotion Harness. With a belt and a harness, all that’s left for a successful skijoring, canicross, or bikejoring venture with your dog is the right leads to connect the two of you. We have worked with Non-stop dogwear to curate a comprehensive range of leads that will meet any of your active needs. From Bungee Leashes to Strong Leashes and even the excellent touring double leash which means you can adventure with two dogs using the same connection point on your belt!

Collars and Harnesses
What was once a widely regarded specialist brand for the active community is making real steps to provide a more ‘core’ range for the casual enthusiasts and every day dog owners, and through partnering with us we are truly able to sign a big spotlight on this range to all of our visitors, customers and followers.
We have brought in the Cruise, Rock and the Safe Collar, which provides enhanced visibility as well as an innovative bungee element ensuring free roaming dogs are able to get free when snagged by an obstacle. We have even introduced their Tumble Collar which is specially designed for puppies so that it maximises adjustability whilst your dog is still growing.

Alongside these are, of course, harnesses. The most popular of which is of course their Line Harness. We now have the brand new 5th generation of this harness. Its Y shaped design over the next allows completely free shoulder movement and no restraint on breathing. Both of these features are crucial for any dog but especially so if you are engaging in lengthy strenuous activity. This harness was ultimately designed for hiking and tracking but due to the various attachment points built into it, it is absolutely suitable for canicross, bikejoring and skijoring and any other event you wish to do with your dog.

In addition to these harnesses the Ramble and the Rock harness take their inspiration from the Line Harness with regards to maximising freedom of motion whilst truly appealing to the everyday harness market. Minimalistic, stylish and both highly functional, we see these harnesses as worthy additions to our core range alongside a Weekend Warrior or Front Range Harness for example.

Fjord Jacket
The Fjord Rain jacket is brand new to the Non-stop range of dog gear and we are one of the first suppliers in the market to bring this over into the UK. This extremely stylish jacket is also brimming over with functionality, placing this item immediately and firmly within our core range of autumn and winter jackets. Not only is this jacket completely water and wind proof at also takes notes from their range of harnesses to ensure that there is absolutely no restriction of movement.

Their design team has excelled themselves with this raincoat by ensuring that there is a hole for a harness connection on the top of the coat, and even drainage holes on the bottom so that even if all their waterproof features fail, then water will be free to drain away from the inside. The other thing that is crucial to mention is that despite being waterproof, the fabric is still breathable, allows ventilation and reduces condensation.

Further Accessories
No new range would be complete without additional accoutrements and accessories needed to fully prepare any team with their pooch for their next expedition. We have successfully brought the Ly Sleeping bags in in three sizes as well as the Musher’s Sleeping Mat to ensure that your furry friend has a comfortable place to sleep and rest regardless of terrain.

Finally, we have the Protector Booties, which area fantastic hybrid of sock and boot. They are a fantastic cost-effective option of providing your dogs paws all the protection they need on any surface and in any climate due whilst also being fully water resistant due to the fact they are dipped in nitrile rubber for extra protection

This is just the beginning of our journey with Non-stop, and one we are excited to take you on the ride with us. Expect more products to arrive soon from Scandinavia as well as more detailed product reviews of all the items mentioned so far!