An Introduction to Rukka

Here at Mountain Dog we are big fans of Rukka Pets and their range of dog apparel. The products they make are designed to withstand anything the weather may throw at them. In the summer they have great products to keep your dog cool, but in the autumn and winter months their product line really comes into their own with weather and water protections.

Coats and Jackets
They have over ten different types of jackets and overalls, from classic rain jackets to softshell and full wadded overalls. We have worked closely with Rukka to bring in a representative range of their products in this section that truly meets all the various weathers and conditions our customers and furry friends may come across in the great outdoors here in the UK and beyond.

One core example of this range would be the Rukka Hase Jacket, which in terms for bang-for-buck is difficult to be beaten. Starting at under £30 you can find yourself with a compact, portable extra waterproof layer which can be carried discreetly in your backpack in case you get caught short whilst out on your adventures. It also comes in 9 different sizes meaning that you can always be sure that a perfect fit is on the cards, whilst also being super lightweight to ensure comfort for your dog and making it easy to dry off after your adventures.

The Sky Raincoat is another great addition to our apparel range by Rukka Pets. It comes in the same 9 sizes, but only one colour – a tasteful Olive Green. At a slightly higher price point this jacket, whilst still maintaining lightweight status, and provides visibility through its reflective piping. It is also fully adjustable at the collar and the waist, providing a more tailored fit for your pooch. Lastly, it has the crucial leash opening on the back for a harness to be worn underneath.

We also have the Rukka Protect Overall, which provides the ultimate level of protection from head to toes for your pooch. Completely waterproof this item is guaranteed to keep your dog warm and dry regardless of what weather is being thrown at you. It is completely adjustable again, including the legs, and as with all other coats in the Rukka range, there are reflective elements to help with visibility. We highly recommend this product if you are looking for complete protection for your pet. As Henry Ford famously said you can have “any colour that he wants, so long as it is black”, and the same can be said for the Protect Overall. But regardless we are convinced this will suit a dog of any colour or size!

 rukka protect

In addition to the above we have a firm favourite for many of our customers which is the Rukka Safety Life vest. This nylon shelled buoyancy aid is, again, very attractively priced, starting at only £43.99 (RRP £48,99) without compromising on functionality. You can spend nearly £100 on a lifejacket from other brands so its great to see one come in for down owners with a different budget in mind.

Rukka Safety Lifevest

Most recently, we have been given exclusivity for reselling the Lucky Jacket, pictured below:

Rukka Lucky Jacket

No one other than Rukka themselves will be selling this item in the UK. It is windproof, water resistant and highly visible. It has a high collar for added protection and an adjustable waist for that perfect fit. This exclusive listing is a great reflection of just how much we have been banging the drum about Rukka Pets and the quality of their product line, and we think this product is a great addition to our site. Smart, stylish and functional - what's not to like!

Not to be forgotten are further additions to our range which includes the Rukka Cooling Vest to keep you cool during the hottest days of summer, and also the micro light bathrobe. This bathrobe has heaps of functionality. You can use it after a walk, shower or bath for your dog to dry them off or protect your car from mud, but it also doubles as a cooling garment on hot summer days – perfect! In two colours and five sizes we personally love this item as it is so functional whilst stylish at the same time.

Rukka Micro Light Drying Bathrobe

Leads and Collars
No product range would be complete without a collar and lead combo and Rukka doesn’t fail to deliver here in the slightest. Their Solid Leash and Solid Collar combo are both available in Turquoise, Pink and Black in different sizes. The different sizes also represent different widths and the one thing we particularly love about these leashes is that they are in themselves adjustable in length, which is a trait we don’t often see in our leash range!

Rukka Solid Turquoise Collar Leash
Two new additions to our product line include the Cube Soft Collar, not entirely dissimilar to the Weekend Warrior Collar, but once again this is a great product exclusive for us which you will not find anywhere else in the UK unless you reach out to Rukka themselves. The other addition is the Mission Collar, which has taken inspiration from gundogs and has a restraint handle which is great for training as well as with dogs of a nervous disposition when out in the public. It gives you much better close control without having to rely on shortening your leash.

Rukka Mission Collar

Boots and Shoes
One of the standout items in the Rukka range has got to be their Proff Boots and the Proff Shoes. These are great items for foot protection, they have a moulded and flexible sole and provide ample protection on the hard grounds of the summer and winter. These are top sellers for us alongside the Ruffwear Grip Trex boots, but these pip Ruffwear in terms of functionality due to the longer boot variant which provide greater protection in deep mud or snow for example.

We could honestly continue to wax lyrical about the Rukka Pets range all day – we highly rate the quality of their products and their firm backing of us in the market is great to see. You wont find a wider range of Rukka Pets products anywhere else on the internet and our UK exclusives evidences the strong working relationship we have with this brand which we will continue to build on in the coming months and years.