EQDog Click'n Treat - The Connoisseur's Treat Pouch

When starting Mountain Dog I must admit I didn't think a treat bag, especially one with an RRP of £38, would be up for an early review on this site, however EQDog, who provide us with a great range of harnesses, backpacks, shoes, socks, collars, leashes, towels, sleepers, toys and robes, happen to produce one of the best on the market, so it was certainly worthy of further investigation.


Firstly, there is no doubt of the benefits of positive re-enforcement training and at the heart of that is the reward of something your dog covets to affirm the right behaviour. In most dogs, much like people, this reward tends to come in the form of food, especially in their formative months and so you won't get far without a pocket or bag full of desirable snacks on tap to keep everything on track.


Unlike most other treat bags, the Click'n treat is very well constructed and is made of a durable material so will take some wear especially when your dog wisens up and tries to frequently nose raid the contents.


The bag is approx 21cm across and 18cm in depth and sports two secure pockets on the outer, a velcro fastening one on the front (complete with a nice EQDog metallic logo), and a smaller zipped pocket on the rear. Both collectively give you enough space to store keys, phones and clickers.


At the top is a very neat, one hand operated, opening that quickly opens and snaps shut. No fiddly draw strings here, just a comforting 'thwunk' noise that accompanies what is either a simple pinch or push to close, or a pull on the tab to open. It is a very smart mechanism, makes operation so easy ,and importantly, keeps that other hand free for more important tasks.


You can certainly tell that dog trainers were involved in the design of the Click'n Treat, it is very well thought out, and that is probably a very good reason why EQDog have sold so many units to assistance dogs around the world.


On the inner storage pocket, where the treats live, is a 100% nylon coated bag, with a 1 litre capacity, that is not only grease and waterproof, but, is easily removed and replaced to keep it clean. EQDog provide you with two of these storage pockets ensuring you can rotate on a wash one / use one cycle. It's nice that a manufacturer puts this level of thought into any product in my opinion. 


The final bonus of the bag is the buckled strap which offers the opportunity to wear off the shoulder, but generally, is best used as a belt to secure the bag around your waist. Again, EQDog have built this wisely as that belt strap extends to 145cm (57 inches) meaning you can put a lot of layers on to combat any weather and the Click'n Treat will still sit easily around the body. When wearing it this way it feels very comfortable and always worked and sat perfectly for training and general sessions I used it on. 


It was even easy to re-position out of the dog's sight to ensure that treat raids are a thing of the past. Well much reduced anyway, Border Collies aren't hoodwinked for long!


So all in a great product, it won't train your dog (now that would be worth £38), but it'll make treat management so much easier, hygienic and it looks great too.


All options my own, even on treat bags!