EQDog Jogging Leash - Not Just For Jogging!

Sadly my running days are behind me thanks to an achilles problem that developed when pushing it too far a few years ago. That said, it's quite nice to rest on my laurels once in a while and remember that I was a runner for a few years. I wasn't fast or anywhere near elegant, but from parkrun to ultra marathon I have been there and literally got the t-shirt. Maybe a miracle will push me back to 5k's but for now I remain retired through injury.


So to bring this review to the point, jogging leashes and EQDog's offering is in focus today. Firstly and let's get this out the way, it's great for runners, no doubt, but it is also a leash that is perfectly at home alongside the bike or just on a bimble in the park. For those familiar with jogging leashes you'll know there are a number of ways to use them, firstly, as a long line with you holding the handle or secondly adjusted to fit your waist allowing a hands free way to secure your dog during activity. There do seem to be other interpretations such as wearing over the shoulder but quite frankly these options seem a little bohemian to me!


The lead's construction at the top is a very comfortable padded handle which can be adjusted with the clip adjuster down into the mid-section webbing to create a waist band. That waist band can be up to 125cm (49 Inches!), so even now I've dropped the running, I don't think I'll need to challenge it's maximum girth anytime soon!


Directly below there is the coiled bungee section which allows the lead to stretch 90cm further than it's relaxed 210cm length. When tightened it feels every bit as strong as the core of the lead, and the upside is that the dog feels a progressive tightening of the leash as he uses this. I actually found Denver to be more polite on this leash as it provided a pre-warning of the lead becoming fully tight and we could both respond accordingly. However, being a whippersnapper he does often see shiny things in the distance and make a beeline for them, hence below the bungee and above the carabiner connector, there is a small webbing loop (called the assistant loop) you can use to create a very short control leash.


Finally on that carabiner, it's pretty nice and is mounted on swivel joint to make operation so easy. Although it's quite small in size, making it very light, it is still ready for a 500kg load, so I expect it's up to the job whatever your intended use.


The leash is available in green/yellow and grey/green, and is another great product from EQDog.




I am also going to get this leash into the hands of someone regularly runs with their dog, watch this space for updates. (or if you want to volunteer give me a shout via the contact button)


All opinions my own.