H2O4K9 Unit Insulated Water Bottle

H2OK49 have a wide range of water bottles for dogs who are out and about. After review Mountain Dog honed this down to a single product, the K9 Unit. 

So to introduce the K9 Unit, it is approximately the same size as a human drinking bottle like a SIGG, but instead of a traditional screw cap, this is replaced with a screw cap that is also moulded to be water bowl when opened and separated. Of course this isn't revolutionary, lots of bottles do this, but Mountain Dog see the H2OK49 K9 Unit take this to a more rugged level which is essential for when you are outdoors.


Firstly, and what feels very nice, is that the silicon covered body not only provides a good aesthetic, it has practicalities such as insulation and anti-slip handling. The K9 is a food grade stainless steel construction, and the bowl has a gear loop if you wish to attach securely to a backpack or similar. They didn't include a carabiner though, which in my opinion is an oversight.


Practically speaking Denver is a medium sized dog, and I found the bowl size and water storage sufficient for a day trip to the hills of the Lake District. Whilst H2OK49 market this for larger dogs, this really shouldn't skew your decision towards one of their slightly cheaper offers that typically have less capacity or durability.


On the outdoorsy theme this unit comes in multiple colours, Searchlight Yellow, Search & Rescue Orange, Rescue Red (AKA Fire Engine Red) and Patrol Blue - see the pattern, it's obvious where they are marketing this, however as the K9 units are only a few pounds more than their standard range, I think they are a good investment even for general/ everyday use.


Being an American product it officially holds 25 oz, a quick visit to Google tells me that is 0.7 litres. It packs conveniently, is easy to use, and Denver after a couple attempts to bite the bowl section, quickly understood it's use. A nice thing is the bowl easily allows you to pour surplus water back into the container, stretching that water supply further and avoiding unnecessary waste which could make all the difference on a day out.


Great product highly reccomended.


All opinions my own