Let's Talk Dog Raincoats: A Guide to Raincoats

Let's Talk Dog Raincoats: A Guide to Raincoats

Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner - which means many of you will be wrapping up to protect yourselves from the elements! Your furry friends will doubtless need similar protection to ensure that they still enjoy themselves when out and about. 

The great news for all of you coat aficionados is that you're in the right place - you won’t find anywhere else with the calibre of coats that we have in store. From Ruffwear to Hurtta, and many more leading brands, we have coats and jackets to suit any weather, terrain or occasion. 

Non-stop Dogwear 

The newest entrant to our roster of top of the range brands is Non-stop dogwear, and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board.  

Fjord Jacket

Non-stop dogwear Fjord Jacket

One product that is seriously worth a mention here is the Fjord JacketWe’re excited to have this in stock and on our shelves. Seeing is believing with this product, as it exudes quality. Easily transportable, it comes in its own little bag to stow away in your backpack when not required. It comes in 5 great colours, and a staggering 14 sizes, ensuring that you are able to get a great fit for your pooch. It features the all-important leash attachment portal and rear leg straps to help with the fit. 

The Fjord is ideal for trekking in the rain, thanks to its polyester shell. It is both windproof and waterproof, boasting a 15,000mm waterproof rating. 


Ruffwear, of course, have an excellent range of rain protection in store. If you are as much a fan of the brand as we are, then this range is definitely worth a looksee.

Vert Jacket

Ruffwear Vert Jacket

First up, we have the brand new Vert Jacket, introduced in the 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection. It is especially designed for cold and wet environments, featuring polyester insulation that helps to keep your canine companion warm. The Vert features an oversized storm collar that folds up for weather protection, as well as leg loops to secure the jacket in windy conditions. It also features a leash attachment portal. 

The Vert offers waterproof coverage over the hips and thighs, with a 10,000mm waterproof rating. As well as being waterproof, the Vert is windproof, all while retaining breathability.  

Lumenglow High Visibility Jacket

Ruffwear Lumenglow High Visibility Dog Jacket

Alongside the Vert, Ruffwear introduced the brand new Lumenglow High Vis Jacket It comes in an array of high-contrast colours that increase the visibility of your dog. Additionally, it is showerproof and weather resistant, easily shedding light moisture. The Lumenglow features a leash attachment portal. 

The Lumenglow is ideal for use during low-light conditions thanks to its high visibility and reflective panelling.

Sun Shower Jacket

Ruffwear Sun Shower Dog Jacket

As well as the brand new Ruffwear jackets, the beloved Sun Shower Jacket has been redesigned for 2021! This lightweight jacket is both waterproof and windproof, helping to keep your dog dry in light rain. It offers coverage over the neck, rump and thighs, while the storm collar folds up for additional weather protection. Additionally, it features a leash attachment portal. 

The Sun Shower is perfect for long-haired dogs in our UK climate, thanks to its non-insulated design. With a waterproof rating of 2,000mm, the Sun Shower is ideal alongside an insulating mid-layer, or as a standalone shell.  


One simply can't talk raincoats without mentioning Hurtta. We have lots of fans of the range here at Mountain Dog and their coats are a very popular purchase leading up to Christmas. One of the great positives about the whole Hurtta range is the sheer level of different sizes that you have on offer to get yourself the perfect fit. Add to that our bespoke sizing calculator, we are truly the best place to come for your coats and overalls. 

Monsoon Coat

Hurtta Monsoon Dog Coat

The Monsoon Coat is high coverage, covering approximately 70% of your dog. The edge of the collar features waterproof tricot, which prevents water going inside the coat through the neckline. If needed, the collar can be tightened around your dog’s neck to protect the neck and chest. The belly flap of the Monsoon is particularly wide, which protects your dog’s tummy from mud, sand or brush. It also features a leash portal. 

The Monsoon boasts a waterproof rating of 10,000mm and features taped seams to help keep the water out. This makes it ideal for trekking in rain, mud or wind.  

Expedition Parka

Hurtta Expedition Dog Parka

The Expedition Parka features the same coverage as the Monsoon, covering approximately 70% of your dog. This parka is extremely warming, with insulating wadding. The neck, length of the back and collar circumference are all highly adjustable, helping you get the perfect fit. The coat also features a leash attachment portal. 

The Expedition Parka is specially designed for short-haired dogs or dogs without an undercoat, offering extra warmth in cold conditions. It also features a water column, which boasts a 10,000mm rating, as well as waterproof and windproof soft elastic segments at the front of the coat. 

Downpour Suit

Hurtta Dog Downpour Suit

The Downpour Suit is the perfect rain overall, covering approximately 90% of your dog. It features a high collar and rain trap in the collar, which stops rain getting inside. It is highly adjustable, from the leg length to the neckline, which helps you get the perfect fit and keeps the suit in place during play. It features a leash attachment portal.
The Downpour Suit is suitable for changing weather conditions, being both waterproof and dirt resistantThe water column of the suit is rated 10,000m.  


Rukka strive to offer an array of coats and jackets for all weather conditions and temperatures. As such, their range of coats and jackets is next to none, with a product suitable for every need.  

Hase Jacket

Rukka Hase Dog Jacket

The Hase Jacket is lightweight and made of 100% waterproof polyester, protecting against rain and mud. It is fast drying and easily cleaned, while coming in a stylish pouch to be carried around. The most important seams on the jacket are taped, effectively keeping your dog warm and dry. It also features a leash portal. 

The Hase is ideal for autumn, keeping your dog protected from rain and mud. It can be worn as a standalone jacket or as an outer layer.  

Sky Raincoat

Rukka Sky Dog Jacket

The Sky Raincoat is lightweight, featuring mesh lining for good breathability. The neck and waistline are adjustable, allowing you to get a good fit on your dog. Additionally, the coat offers leg loops, ensuring the coat stays in place. There is a two-way opening on the back for harness fastening. 

The Sky Raincoat is ideal for autumn weather, protecting from light rain and mud.  

Protect Overall

Rukka Protect Dog Overall

The Protect Overall effectively protects your dog from wind and rain. Thanks to the taped seams and waterproof fabric, your dog remains dry and warm, no matter the weather. It features touch-fastening closure on each leg end, which keeps water and dirt out. The high collar of the overall can be used to protect your dog’s ears from wind. It also features a leash portal. 

The Protect Overall is ideal for all-over body protection, especially in rainy or muddy conditions. 

Thermal Overall

Rukka Thermal Dog Overall

The Thermal Overall is made of windproof and water-resistant material. The lining of the coat is warm plush to help keep your dog warm in all weather conditions. The adjustable leg openings prevent mud or water entering, while keeping thighs warm. The neckline and waistline are highly adjustable. It is also fast-drying and easy to pack.  

The Thermal Overall is suitable for colder weather, keeping your dog toasty. 

How can I be sure I'm making the right choice?

No matter which coat you choose, rest assured it will be a great choice! Here at Mountain Dog, we stock only the best products and brands. 

If you still find yourself unsure, our team are happy to help - we offer expert advice through email or over the phone!

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