Product Perspective - Ruffwear Crag Collar and Leash

Product Perspective - Ruffwear Crag Collar and Leash

The Ruffwear Crag Collar and Leash are staples in the Mountain Dog range. Featuring bright colours and beautiful patterns associated with spring, the Crag Collar and Leash combination is perfect for outdoor adventures with your pooch.

Ruffwear's design team were heavily inspired by nature when creating these products, prompting them to explore the process of weaving reflectivity into their webbing patterns. This idea created a homage to nature, emulating where light naturally occurs in the Crag range's stitching.

What We Love About Them!

One of the great things that makes the Crag Collar and Lead truly unique is the colour variety - especially for these Spring months! Available in three solid colours and three patterns, there's a choice here for everyone.

The Crag Collar features everything the Ruffwear collar range is known for: an aluminum D-ring, an ID attachment point and a tag silencer. You can walk your dog with confidence, knowing that your dog is safe thanks to the easy-to-use, strong nature of the collar's buckle.

Key Features (Collar)

  • Huge variety of colours to choose from
  • Aluminum D-ring, ID attachment point and tag silencer
  • Durable, easy-to-use side buckle

The Crag Leash includes all the staples of a Ruffwear leash: a padded handle, accessory loop and webbing. However, what makes this lead stand out is its high adjustability. The lead adjusts out to 6ft for running or for more relaxed walks, but can be shortened to 3.5ft when needed. This can be done on-the-go with ease, using a metal slider.
The lead can also be used for running with a hands-free setting, becoming a waist-worn lead. You can even tie this around a tree!

Key Features (Lead)

  • Huge variety of colours to choose from
  • Padded handle and accessory loop
  • Adjustable from 3.5ft to 6ft using a metal slider
  • Waist-worn or hands-free settings

What Are These Products Best Suited For?

The Crag Collar is perfect for everyday use, including walks or for attaching an ID. The Crag Leash is also great as an everyday lead, or for running with your pup.

Recommended For:

  • Hiking
  • Everyday

Also Suitable For:

  • Running (Crag Lead)

Quality and Materials

As with all Ruffwear gear, the Crag Leash and Collar are long-lasting, durable and high quality. Both products are crafted using Tubelok webbing - this is an almost jacquard kind of webbing that involves special machinery to create. This method of creating collars and leads helps maintain the colour of the product, preventing any of the design fading or rubbing off. The locking edge feature of the webbing prevents the webbing from unravelling if damaged.

The Crag Leash and Collar are a little thinner than other similar Ruffwear products, but not at the expense of quality. This keeps them lightweight choices, especially as we move into the warmer weather.

Colour Variants

The Crag Leash and Collar is available in six different variants. Three of these variants are based on the natural world.


The Seafoam is a popular choice, especially for beach-loving canines! The inspiration behind the Seafoam Crag Leash and Collar was glowing bioluminescent phytoplankton found in the tidal wash along coastlines.


Based in Oregon, the Ruffwear design team get to see some spectacular views! The Sunset Crag and Leash Collar's pattern was inspired by the shifting light of the sun, that dips behind the mountains.

Green Hills

Nothing beats some late-night stargazing with your pooch! The Green Hills Crag Collar and Leash were inspired by the night sky and stars, looming over the hills of Oregon. 

Image Credit: @Ruffwear

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