Ruff Guide to Ruffwear's New Gear

When forming Mountain Dog, Ruffwear was very much at the very heart of our plans. Their gear stands the test of time, has a great warranty and is one of the leading brands in the active dog market - so with quality as our core philosophy Ruffwear quickly became central to everything we do.

Over 1 million Front Range harnesses sold to date and allied products that out-innovate and often outperform others this makes a great partnership for us, so how do they improve on that? It's not an easy task that's for sure but their Spring 2020 launch of a new Front Range Harness, Front Range Collar, Front Range Leash, Crag Collar, Crag Leash, Top Rope Collar, Patroller Leash & The Quick Draw Leash is taking on that challenge! 

First up, and by far the most favoured Ruffwear product, is the Front Range Harness which as well as a palette of wonderful new colours is unified with the launch of matching collars and leashes. Previously the range wasn't so cohesive with certain colours not having a collar to pair it with so it's fantastic to see that whatever you choose now you are assured of a match. What's more they have improved these harnesses with a superior shell fabric which is not only more durable but is more colourfast too - perfect for those mucky pups! Add a dedicated loop for the Ruffwear Beacon Light and this makes a good harness a great harness and I am sure we will pair these with many dogs over the coming years.

The leash that matches these has always been a lightweight, inexpensive and simple affair and that doesn't change in this iteration but the 2020 version now benefits from new polyester webbing to improve the feel and again the colourfastness of the product.

The Front Range Collar is a brand new addition and fills that product gap of providing a match to the harness and leash. The buckle is easy release and like every Ruffwear product benefits from their Trail Tested promise. A warranty that is more than just words.

As the Front Range will inevitably steal the limelight this is unfair on the release of the new Crag Range. Namely the Crag Leash, formerly the very popular and super durable Slackline Leash, and the Crag Collar. The leash can be worn around the waist or act as a longer line and is an invaluable companion on those tougher adventures. The Crag Collar has always been our go to collar, which like the leash, has great reflective qualities, but has undergone a re-design. Both items now match (hurrah!) and as well as the solid colours they have some rather tasteful image designs romantically named Seafoam, Green Hills and Sunset - these are right up the Mountain Dog street (or trail shall we say!).


Coming in to strongly complement the Crag range is our old favourite the Top Rope Collar, a premium collar but we love it's design with a Talon Buckle which always seems to orient the leash connector in the right place on the dog's neck - well it does on our Collie anyway. Quality features on these and all other Ruffwear collars such as tag silencers make a visible difference. Less visible but still very important is the quality of the metal work, it's easy to judge Ruffwear as an expensive collar but the integrity and the strength of their build, without visible confirmation, is one of their best features.


To round off the new gear, the waist worn Patroller leash gets a re-model and the Quick Draw Leash, which stores as a collar around the dog's neck, have all had subtle improvement and offer solutions that standard leashes don't.

All in all Ruffwear have done a great job, they may have caused us a bunch of work getting this all updated on our website but we believe this is a massive step forward. Ruffwear rocked the last decade, and they are making the right moves to make the 20's their own too!

All opinions our own.