Ruffwear Aira Rain Jacket

In the UK, with our coastal climate, you can't really avoid the odd rainy day or three but the good news is that Ruffwear have a great solution when you head out.

The Aira Rain Jacket is a light, breathable and waterproof garment that, when sized correctly, protects the dog's body from the neck to tail from the elements. Once initially adjusted it is very quick to put on the dog, and when the weather gets even more challenging it can be used as the outer part of a clothing layering system using the Climate Changer fleece or Fernie sweater to provide more insulation.


 The jacket is available in grey and red colours and has a diversity of range from XXS through to XL, so no dog is left out in the rain so to speak. It looks stylish too. The outer layer is the waterproof fabric and the inner is a mesh type material, much like what your own outdoors coat would be of course. The coat also benefits from a jacket collar which can be turned up to provide further protection in the worst of conditions, and if using with a Ruffwear harness there is a handy portal for the leash to connect through. That said, when using a conventional collar, turning the jacket collar up wasn't an easy option due to the positioning.


On first fitting all you need to do is adjust the two side buckles so the jacket will be snug against the middle of your dog's body, and when wearing there are two elasticated loops that fit around the top of the back legs to keep the whole coat in position when on the move,


In use, the coat stays firmly in place, doesn't inhibit movement and seems like a second skin to the dog, so a very positive experience. What I did find is that Ruffwear use the same waterproof material on the underside of the garment, no real problem with that except when in really muddy conditions it is a magnet for collecting dirt. To me something more rubberised would work better, but in saying that making such a change would make it more bulky to pack - currently it takes so little room in the pack which is a godsend when out and about.


Finally, reflective piping adorns the jacket, and there is a connector for Ruffwear's Beacon light so it is well though out on the safety side too.


The Aira is a great jacket which employs the simple but effective layering system, so light to carry and the dog wears in great comfort. When it did rain, which these pictures don't show, the moisture beaded up well and the fabric was proved to be effective, We have yet to try this in a torrential downpour, but in the UK we certainly won't have to wait too long for one of those and will report back on that very soon! In the interim - a fantastic product.


All opinions my own