Ruffwear Stash Bag

It is Mountain Dog's absolute pleasure to share the Ruffwear reviews from Musli Border Collie.  Based in Belgium, Musli and her native French speaking owner are ambassadors for Ruffwear so it is great to hear their perspective on these new products.  Look them up on Facebook @muslibordercollie


The Ruffwear Stash Bag


The Stash Bag is a pick-up bag dispenser. You can either wear it on your waist or it can be attached to any Ruffwear leashes. It can be hand-hold as well.


This bag has three colors: Twilight Grey, Meadow Green and Orange Poppy.


Dimensions: 6.3 in x 4.3 in x 1.2 in


The Stash Bag has three pockets, an exterior one and two interior ones. The exterior pocket is a stretch-mesh one and can be used for quick-grab items. This item is sold with 15 bags, in the smaller interior pocket. In the last pocket, you can put some small treats and there is an internal key hook. Regards to the pick-up bags, there is a slot to take them quickly.


Materials look like durable, as always. I noticed this bag is easy to clean, when there were muddy traces on it: all of them vanished with clear water but if needed, you can use mild detergent. The zip closure is great, we have no problem with it, it is very easy to open/close.


The design is great, colors as well and the shape is well-thought if you want to hand-hold it!


We mainly use it during our walks (in woods but also in our village). With this bag, you are certain that you won’t forget our pick-up bags at home. You can let it on the leash so you don’t forget to take it with you. As I have already said, it can be attached to all Ruffwear leashes. I have tested on the Knot-a-leash and Flat Out ones.


The Stash Bag is very versatile because we can either wear it to your waist or on the leash. The bag stays in place, doesn’t move too much – just a little but I think it is normal. The zip closure is great and it looks like more durable than most. Furthermore the bag is really easy to open or to close. If you have small or/and medium dogs (like border collie) and don’t give a lot of treats to your dog, this size is really great. For bigger dogs or people who are used to giving a lot of treats, the Stash Bag is perhaps a bit too small so these people can certainly buy the Treat Trader which is bigger. Don’t forget that the main function of the Stash Bag is not to be a « Treat Bag » so it is totally normal for the size.


Thanks to the Stash Bag, you are sure not to forget your pick-up bags at home. 15 bags are included.