Ruffwear Top Rope Collar

Wow, is it really 6 months since I wrote my last review on this site? Mountain Dog has travelled a long way in that time, keeping me and many others very busy, but it is time to get back to our first goal which was not only to provide a shop for all things for the active doggo, but also to regularly provide our experiences of some of the kit we use during this.


So what a better opportunity but to review the Ruffwear Top Rope collar which recently replaced Denver's (The Mountain Dog Ambassadog) previous collar? We have now used it for over 4 months and it really has been a very reliable piece of kit. 

Like the Hoopie and the Crag Collar, Ruffwear use strong Tubelok webbing for the collar's main construction but this is attached with a strong metal clasp /buckle which is released by pressing the protruding talons at the same time. For those of you who know Ruffwear, you will know how well this is engineered and how satisfying the open/close process is, sometimes their equipment seems geared just for human gratification above anything else. What this metal buckle creates is a perfect counter-weight to the steel leash connection point on the opposite side of the collar. Result, the leash connector is at the top of the dogs neck most of the time. I say most of the time as wooly boys like Denver can hinder this nice feature, but even on him it does correct most of the time.



Like all Ruffwear collars expect a silicon tag silencer, a great looking logo badge and that logo is further etched onto the clasp.  The webbing is very much like the Crag Collar and has a highly reflective band running through the centre of the design.


The collar comes in three sizes in Small, Medium & Large, ensuring dogs with a neck of 28cm to 66cm will find a fit for them. As ever the collars come in a plethora of colours Grey, Green, Purple & Red which match nicely with the Slackline leash range.


If Denver had thumbs, they would certainly be facing upwards - a great collar that looks like its going to last quite some time yet!


Perfectionist Alert! Obviously, unlike my photos you can simply put the collar on the right way (whoops!) to keep the orientation of the logo the correct way up! I can assure you it works the same whichever way the logo is pointing :-)