Ruffwear Track Jacket - Be Seen !!

Nights are getting longer and it is now ever more important to ensure you and your dog are safe by being seen when you head out on your walk.

The Ruffwear Track Jacket offers a great solution to provide high visibility in these darker conditions but unlike a lot of high-vis jackets for dogs it is highly durable, and importantly, waterproof so doubles up as a light coat too.  Design wise a reflective stripe adorns both sides and this really does illuminate well when cast in moderate light from other sources such as cars, streetlights and torches.

Fitting to the dog is quite simple too, place the dog's head through the front opening, then passing the harness section between the middle of the front legs, the jacket then attaches to an adjustable buckle on either side of the body. This is easily adjusted to size the first time you use this. The fabrics around the neck stretch for comfort and ease of fitting too. Ruffwear also take the opportunity to provide further reflective print on the logos and on fabric print.


Three sizes are available XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL and all of them are very lightweight making them easy to pack too.


Finally, and the piéce de résistance is a dedicated fitting for Ruffwear's award winning The Beacon light system - add that and I'm sure you will be very well prepared for what this winter throws at you!


All opinions my own




PS. Yes I know the pics I supplied are in the daylight, my camera is hopeless in low light, sorry!  That said, these jackets do stand out like a sore thumb on the hill too, allows me to spot him on the hunt for sheep :-)