Step into Winter - Choosing & Sizing Ruffwear Apparel

We at Mountain Dog are long time advocates of Ruffwear's range of dog gear, and we've yet to see another brand better them when it comes to sheer quality.

Not only will your dog look super smart in these beautifully produced garments - they'll be prepared for whatever the weather has to throw at them.

The only downside with Ruffwear is the limited size range of XXS, XS, S, M, L & XL which occasionally means a dog can sit between sizes, however this is quite rare.



Measuring Is Vital

The Ruffwear sizing charts found on most websites are simple and focus on girth size (measured around the thickest part of a dog's chest). This is certainly an important factor but it isn't the whole story when it comes to sizing a coat.

Here's what we suggest:

First measure your dog's girth per the standard size chart to establish a size that will likely fit your dog.

Second check the back length of that jacket size against your actual dog's back - measuring from the bottom of the neck to the root of the tail.

Third if your dog has a particularly large head (think Bulldog) you may want to also check the neck circumference just to ensure a comfortable fit.

Below is an example of the type of size chart that you can find on Ruffwear Apparel products

Will It Fit?

Even the same breeds of dog can come in all shapes and sizes, so it's hard to say for sure if an item will fit without meeting your unique pooch. 

We've also found that both dogs and owners have their own preferences on how their Ruffwear gear will fit. Some prefer it snug while others like things to be a little more loose.

Please don't be disheartened by this message, if you can't get a fit with Ruffwear other great brands are available from us. If you'd welcome some more personalised advice, feel free to email us at

NOTE: There is one exception to the fitting guidance above and that is for a product called the Track Jacket - the principles of the girth apply but because this is a jacket designed to provide visibility it doesn't necessarily need to go along the full length of the body so only has three sizes.

The Runners & the Riders

Ruffwear's apparel for dogs fall into four broad categories: 

  • Rain Jackets
  • Layers & Fleeces
  • Utility Jackets
  • Cold Weather Jackets

Rain Jackets

Rain jackets by Ruffwear include the Sun Shower & the Vert. Both are easy to put on vest style garments, where the jacket fits over the head with buckles then securing from the underside panel to create good body coverage.

Despite their similarities in look and fit, these two items serve very different purposes.

The Sun Shower is a PVC-free plasticised type fabric, it is not rip-stop material but still takes more wear than softer fabrics. It is a cost-effective everyday rain jacket without insulation which is perfect for all but the coldest dogs in the UK climate. This jacket does not benefit from a leash portal like the Vert detailed below but will happily sit under a harness if needed.


In a similar vein, the Track Jacket can provide all the functionality of the Sun Shower with the addition of high visibility - but sizing is limited if you want to use this as a rain jacket.


The Vert is a made of a more 'outdoorsy' rain-proof material, it is softer but made from higher performing fabric than the Sun Shower. It also features a fleece lining making it a great companion in the foulest of weathers. If the Vert was produced for us humans this would be our first choice for a winter walk up the fells.



Why not also check out out the Cloud Chaser? A great product which is not only waterproof, but has some great cold weather applications too. (more below)

Layers & Fleeces

The Climate Changer Fleece, Climate Changer Pullover & the Fernie are all beautiful doggy warming layers with front leg sleeves. They can be worn alone or as part of a layering system underneath a waterproof outer. The colours and designs are absolutely stunning and really exude quality.

Both Climate Changers are of a technical fleece material - polyester based, quick drying and not at all bulky.

The Climate Changer Fleece has a zip to aid quick fitting whereas the Climate Changer Pullover does what it says on the tin - featuring a stretchy elastic under-panel instead of a zip. This allows for a more snug fit on your dog to keep in warmth. The belly panel on this version is even quicker drying than the fleece material but can take a little longer and a little more co-operation from your furry friend to put on compared to the zip-up fleece jacket.

Climate Changer Fleece - Fleece Everywhere + Zip!

Climate Changer Pullover - Fleece with Stretched Panel

The Fernie sweater is very slightly thicker and is a great alternative to the Climate Changer if you prefer a wool-type fabric. Technically there is very little difference between the other two than looks, and we must say the Fernie looks great!


Utility Jackets

The perfect going down to the park option, keeping your dog warm with light rain protection.

These jackets include the Stumptown, the Overcoat & the Fuse and are all essentially variations of the same item. All are easy over the head vest type fitting and are built with abrasion resistant Rip Stop fabric but have varying levels of functionality/features through the range.

The Stumptown has a quilted almost luxurious looking outer with a polyester inner. Perfect for owners who find a fleece inner an annoyance for dog hair collection.

The Overcoat feels tougher and more utilitarian than the Stumptown, making it more suited for a pooch who loves brambles and general poking about. Internally it features a fleece lining adding more warmth.

Finally the Fuse is an excellent product, identical in design to the Overcoat but benefits from a built in harness - offering you an all in one solution. Put the coat on, clip to a leash, and you are all set!

Cold Weather Jackets

If the temperatures have dropped you may need to bring out the big guns to keep your doggo warm. Ruffwear have your back here with four very strong products that serve this purpose.

The Quinzee is an easy-on vest style jacket and the Powder Hound with the benefit of a stretchy panel underneath will make your dog super toasty.  Packed with excellent loft materials the warming properties are beyond doubt, but note they won't cope well with persistent rain.

Quinzee - Vest Style - Easy On

Powder Hound - Stretch Panel & Zip keeping them even warmer!


For warm & dry we cross over to jackets that also serve as great rain jackets too. The Vert, detailed earlier, does a great job of keeping your dog dry and warm.

The pinnacle of Ruffwear's offer and very appropriate to the UK weather has to be their Cloud Chaser which like the first Ford motor car comes in black or black. It's a very cool looking black though :-) This soft shell jacket is sleeved, looking akin to a wet suit when worn, but, it is perfect for tackling whatever our Great British weather can throw at you. Again another jacket we'd be glad to wear if ever released in human form :-)


Finally here is Ruffwear's quick reference on what jacket suits your particular need (Note the Wind Sprinter detailed is now discontinued)






All the latest colours/versions are now shown on and should you have any questions just bark!