Waw! What is it good for?

Well the answer isn't as per the song (absolutely nothing) as this anti-shock leash attachment really is a great addition to our line up.

Waw, an Italian company, developed this product to prevent trauma for dog's that have a tendency to pull on the leash. You know the moment when your best friend spots something nice and shiny and enthusiastically heads in the opposite direction to your line of travel.

Unlike a soft bungee type leash the Waw unit, which attaches to your existing leash, only stretches a small distance taking the some of the stress away from the neck or body but importantly allowing you to retain control. Your dog won't end up in the same trouble as they could with an elasticated lead.

The resistance is strong and progressive and the manufacturer claim up to 40% of the jerking stress is removed. Im not totally convinced of that but there is no doubt it does make a big difference. We have tested the unit for over 2 months now and with Denver, the company's ambassadog, having a penchant for fast moving things it has been a god-send. It doesn't stay clean long but it still holds up well and looks good after a lot of use.

The Waw comes in sizes XXS thru XXL and is available in Grey or Black. Sizing is done by weight, energy level and it does offer varying guidance on if you are attaching it to a collar or harness. Check out the sizing chart below.

Size Selector

Dog Weight Activity Harness Collar
1-3 kg Docile XXS XXS
1-3 kg Energetic XXS XXS
4-5 kg Docile XS XS
4-5 kg Energetic XS XS
6 - 10 kg Docile S S
6 - 10 kg Energetic M S
11 - 15 kg Docile M M
11 - 15 kg Energetic L M
16-25 kg Docile L L
16-25 kg Energetic XL L
26-40 kg Docile XL XL
26-40 kg Energetic XL XL
41-50 kg Docile XXL XL
41-50 kg Energetic XXL XXL
Over 50 kg Docile XXL XXL
Over 50 kg Energetic XXL XXL


In conclusion this item is now one of our essential items wherever our adventure takes us. It is particularly helpful if you have a dog who has chasing and herding hobbies like our own.