Best in Class Cooling Jacket - EQDog - Cool Dog

While entering the summer season most of us hope for sunny weather. But when it comes (often too briefly) we really need to pay some additional attention to our dogs to make sure they don´t get over-heated. Unlike humans they simply can't manage the heat in the same way,
To help EQDOG has developed one of the best cooling coats on the market - The aptly named, Cool Dog.

Instead of only using the moisture evaporation effect with their special fabric they have also added a special lining made of ACO-DRY®, a self-cooling material. You can actually feel this cooling effect by simply putting your hand inside the coat.

Full cooling starts when you soak the coat in water, wring it out and then put it on. Then the evaporation process and the magic (ok science!) starts.

Mountain Dog exclusively offer this great product in the UK, sizes from XXS thru XL are available, check it out here:-