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Non-stop Dogwear - Touring Double Leash

Non-stop Dogwear - Touring Double Leash

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The Non-stop Dogwear Touring Double Leash is a coupler, allowing you to walk two dogs with one leash

The Touring double is compatible with most leashes and bungees, transforming them into a Y-leash. The coupler will not twist and tangle when you use our leashes with a spinning carabiner. The long arms on Touring double straighten the angle so that the dog's harness maintains a centred load. Touring double comes in two sizes. Small with ultra-light aluminium carabiners. Medium with Twistlock carabiners, these have an automatic lock assuring that the dog does not get loose.

23mm Wide
72cm Length

Key Features

Compatible with most leashes and bungees
Does not twist or tangle
Aluminium carabiners

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