The Hurtta Downpour Suit. Mountain Dog UK.
A full body shot of the Downpour Suit. Mountain Dog UK.
A dog at the beach wearing the Downpour. Mountain Dog UK.
A small dog wearing the Downpour Suit. Mountain Dog UK.
A full body shot of the Downpour Suit. Mountain Dog UK.

Hurtta - Downpour Suit

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The Hurtta Downpour Suit is waterproof, while resisting dirt - effectively protecting your dog in drastic weather

The Downpour, crafted from comfortable but durable material, is flexible and suitable for the outdoors. The leg length can be adjusted*, while the neck and waist areas feature a cinching system for optimal fit. Thanks to the reflectors in the collar of the suit, visibility is improved in the evening. It features a leash portal for harness access.

Key Features

  • 3M reflective pipings
  • Cord adjustment of the head opening
  • Fully taped seams
  • High, protective collar
  • Large reflective prints
  • Rain-stopper inner collar
  • Snap closure at neck and legs
  • The opening for the harness
  • Zipper, with a wind foil underneath


    The numerical value of the sizing for this product is reflective of the back length of your dog, from the withers to the very base of the tail. Please ensure you measure this as accurately as possible for the best fit.

    The letter values are reflective of the the length of your dog's leg. Most dogs breeds will fall into the S or M category, but please ensure you cross-check this with the sizing guide in the images.

    *Excluding 30S 35S 40XS

    Important Guidance - Please read our sizing blog