Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles in Black
Golden retriever wearing Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles in Black
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Rex Specs - Dog Goggles - Eye Protection For Active Dogs

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Rex Specs V2 is the latest version of leading dog goggle and is great to protect active dog's eyes & avoid those expensive vets bills

Over the years Rex Specs have tested and lived with the original Rex Specs goggle - really pushing them to the  limit. The improved V2 embodies all that they have learned.

The updates boast improved fit, greater stability, increased field of view, lower profile design, better range of motion, and fresh style. The Rex Specs V2 Goggles are ready to keep your dog protected no matter where the adventure takes you.

Each goggle comes with one clear lens and one smoke lens. (Black Frame)

Perfect for agility and any fast moving dog sports.



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