EQDog - Floatie
EQDog - Floatie

EQDog - Floatie

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This is the ideal toy for all dogs who love to tug, swim & retrieve inside or outside of the water. Playing tug is one of the best games to strengthen the bond between you and your four legged friend. The Floatie is soft to catch but durable enough to survive a good tug. Its high buoyancy makes it easy to be seen floating on the water. The nylon shell feels nice and is easy to clean.

EQDog have chosen colors that are better seen by dogs. Remember, your dog only has two cones for colors in each eye, while you have several, so his view of colors is rather limited and not as keen as humans.

Our advice: After playing please store the Floatie out of your dogs reach. This give's your toy a longer lifetime and makes it more attractive to your dog when you take it out for a new round of fun and play.

Sizing: S & L
Small 15 cm, incl. handle 48 cm/Large 29 cm, incl. handle 52 cm

Colors: Orange/Blue

Care instruction: hand wash in warm water with mild soap

  • Light weight, Small 65g/Large 98g
  • Soft to your dogs mouth & nose
  • High Buoyancy
  • Strong nylon webbing outer shell
  • Dog-sight friendly colors
  • No chewing toy!