The Ruffwear Gourdo Toy. Mountain Dog UK.
The Ruffwear Metolius Blue Gourdo Toy. Mountain Dog UK.
The Ruffwear Dandelion Yellow Gourdo Toy. Mountain Dog UK.
The Ruffwear Sockeye Red Gourdo Toy. Mountain Dog UK.

Ruffwear - Gourdo

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The Ruffwear Gourdo is an interactive, tough and natural rubber throw dog toy

This toy serves a variety of uses during play, from tugging to throwing. The attached rope enables you to pick up and throw, ensuring you avoid the slobbery, slippery end. It also allows you to easily grip the toy. The Gourdo allows you to easily bond with and stimulate your dog, as it is suitable for all kinds of play for every dog. To top it all off, the toy is made from a sustainable yet rubber.

Key Features

  • Rope handle makes it easy to throw great distances for fetching
  • Gum massaging design can be filled with treats
  • Made from natural latex rubber, a renewable, sustainable source


  • Small: 1.75 x 5.25in or 4 x 13cm
  • Large: 2.5 X 8in or 6 x 20cm

Mountain Dog provide toy products from only the most reputable brands. Whilst these items are durable in nature they can be susceptible to damage if play is not supervised