Beaphar - Wormer One Dose Dogs Large Dog (4tab)

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A safe and effective treatment for roundworm and tapeworm 

Fantastically quick and easy treatment, killing all species of roundworm and tapeworm. For the routine control of common roundworms and tapeworms in dogs. This pack contains two tablets and is suitable for dogs and puppies from 2 weeks of age and weighing more than 6kg. UK authorised veterinary medicine.

Wormers are important for treating your dog, as they feed off the nutrients in your dog's body. This will gradually weaken your dog's immune system, leaving them vulnerable to illness.

Instructions for Bodyweight

Dogs weighing 6–10kg: 1 tablets
Dogs weighing 10–20kg: 2 tablets
Dogs weighing 20–30kg: 3 tablets
Dogs weighing 30–40kg: 4 tablets

Read the enclosed leaflet before use.