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ChuckIt! - 3 Ball Medley

ChuckIt! - 3 Ball Medley

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Choice of three different selection packs of these great balls from Chuckit!

Medley 1
The Whistler - Whistles in flight, - Max Glow - Glows in the dark, - Rebounce Ball - Bouncy recycled rubber. (The Whistler - 20cm approx diameter / Max Glow -18cm approx diameter / Rebounce Ball - 18cm approx diameter)

Medley 2
An exciting combination of 3 medium sized fun and vibrant balls: - Strato Ball -Super bouncy and buoyant, Erratic Ball - bounces erratically, - Ultra Squeaker Ball - a tough and safe squeaking toy. (Strato Ball - 20cm diameter approx / Erratic Ball - 22cm diameter approx / Squeaker -20cm diameter approx)

Medley 3
3 great small size balls in one pack. The Whistler - Whistles in flight, Max Glow - Glows in the dark, Erratic Ball - bounces erratically. (Whistler - 14cm diameter approx / Max Glow - 16cm diameter approx / Erratic - 16cm diameter approx)

Medley 4
A Simple Fetch Ball, A Rough and Tumble "Rugged Ball" and a great quality (Fetch - 20cm diameter approx / Rugged - 20cm diameter approx / Ultra Ball - 18cm diameter approx)

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