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DNA - Summit - Signature Training Lead

DNA - Summit - Signature Training Lead

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Built with strong, British-sourced, polyester webbing, adorned with a DNA helix design - offering better strength and UV protection than previous iterations.

This versatile lead, principally designed & built for no-pull training, connecting to the chest and back of a suitable harness for focused training sessions.

It's designed to be strong, yet lightweight and versatile, allowing for a range of uses to suit you and your dog:

1. Use as a double-ended training lead, with the O-ring as a makeshift handle.

2. Use as a simple, single-ended longer lead by clipping one trigger-hook to the D-ring nearest the DNA logo.

3. Use as a simple, single-ended shorter lead by clipping one trigger-hook to the D-ring nearest the opposite trigger-hook.

4. Wear the lead as a sling for hands free walking.

5. Use as a double dog lead.

Do take advice from your dog's trainer for methods to use this effectively.

Choose Small/20mm for a lightweight look and feel for smaller dogs.

DNA - Proudly Built in NE England

12 Months Built-to-Last Warranty

Key Features

- 5 different configurations to best suit your style of walking or training.

- Two strong, metal trigger-hooks.

- 2 x D-Rings to adjust length when using as a conventional lead.

- 1 x O Ring to create a handle when using as a training or double-dog lead.


Lead Length Total (clip to clip) - approximately 2 Metres

Long Lead Configuration (including handle & trigger-hooks) - approximately 1.8m

Short Lead Configuration (including trigger-hooks) - approximately 1m

Double Ended / Training Configuration (including trigger-hooks and handle per end) - approximately 1m

Webbing Width - 25mm

Trigger-hook - 82mm


- Strong 25mm Polypropylene Webbing.

- British sourced polyester webbing - giving better strength, UV protection and durability than our previous version.

- Outdoor grade commercial stitching, applied with class leading sewing machinery.

- Trigger-hook - Rugged & Strong build to cope with the majority of breeds

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