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DNA - Walker Belt & Summit Stretch Double-Ended Bungee Lead Bundle

DNA - Walker Belt & Summit Stretch Double-Ended Bungee Lead Bundle

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Get ready for your hiking adventures with the ultimate starter kit - the Walker Belt & Summit Stretch Double-Ended Bungee Lead bundle!

You will receive:

1x Walker Belt in your chosen colour
1x Double-Ended Carabiner Bungee Lead

Walker Belt

Made with dog walkers in mind, and designed and built by a leading UK manufacturer of sporting dog gear, the DNA Walker Belt allows you to keep your hands free on those all-important adventures.

Thanks to the cushioned design, the Walker Belt is comfortable to wear. This is coupled with a wide body design, distributing the force of the dog equally which can help minimise the strain on your back.

The Walker Belt is extremely flexible allowing you to connect leads and hang accessories on its wide array of in-built connectors, these include

2 x D Rings - One either side
2 x Gear Grids of Laddered Webbing similar to a Molle system
2 x Fabric Loops

Dangle your treat bag, connect your poo bag holder, clip your keys and of course connect your dog.

Typically dogs are connected by a looped handle (not suitable for wide/padded handles) of your existing lead, connect a carabiner to the Gear Grid (Sold separately - but you can use most carabiners) or use our Summit Stretch Double-Ended Bungee Lead which connects your dog on a bungee with two in-built carabiners.

New accessories will be released for this belt in 2024.

Summit Stretch Double-Ended Bungee Lead

The DNA Summit Stretch Double-Ended Bungee Lead is designed for use with the accompanying DNA Walker Belt but can be used independently too.

The double-ended design of the lead allows for one end to attach to the gear loop on your Walker Belt, while the other attaches to your dog's harness or collar.

Strong but lightweight snap lock carabiners on both ends facilitates a solid connection to your dog.

Proudly manufactured in the UK, exclusive to Mountain Dog.

Made in Derbyshire with Love.

Key Features

Walker Belt:

Connect your accessories

2 x D Rings

2 x Webbing Loops

2 x Gear Grids (Each Grid allows connection of multiple small accessories) - Ladder Grid Forms 2 Rows of 3 Loops each row

All perfect for connecting accessories and your dog.

- Gear grid for adding other accessories, such as keys.

- Padded design, and wide design, to maximise comfort.

- Reflective trim for low-light conditions.

Compatible with

DNA - Summit Stretch Double-Ended Bungee Lead

or if you have a wide or padded handle lead connect it with:

DNA Walker Snaplock Carabiner

Climbing type carabiners (Available from most outdoor stores)

A wide range of lightweight accessories connected with a clip, hook or carabiner.


Sizing for Walker Belt:

Measure around your waist with a cloth tape measure.

Adjustable Waist Size:

- Minimum: 82cm / 32 inches.

- Maximum: 130cm / 51 inches.

Belt clips to front.


Approx. 73cm un-stretched, excluding carabiners.

Stretches to approximately 1m

Carabiners are a perfect fit for the the Gear Loops on the DNA Walker Belt

Recommended Use

Whilst strongly built - may not be suitable for super pullers where you may benefit from using a traditional dog lead. The carabiner lead is NOT suitable for climbing.

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