EQDog - Flex Pack (Medium)
EQDog - Flex Pack (Medium)
EQDog - Flex Pack (Medium)
EQDog - Flex Pack (Medium)

EQDog - Flex Pack (Medium)

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Detachable Packs for Pro Harness (Size M)

In the past people always asked us if it would be possible to buy packs for the harness they already used in order to create a backpack out of it. Finally we can say YES!, EQDog have designed 2 sizes beautiful, highly water-repellent bags to attach to their Pro Harness. So there is no need to buy an extra backpack for your dog when you already own our multifunctional Pro Harness.

To attach the packs just simply connect the 3 hooks at the back slide rail into the gear loops of the Pro harness. Clip on the elastic strap under the bags to prevent them from bouncing around.

The bag has a big flap opening that makes it easy to store and reach whatever you take with you. The two extra side pockets on size M version, are ideal for small items like pick up bags, treats....etc. In those pockets you will find rain covers to protect the bags from rain and splashing water. Simply pull them over the bags like a shower cap. The Packs is light weight and its ergonomic design generates a comfort fit to your dogs body.


  • Durable, streamlined design
  • Set of 2
  • Easy to attach
  • Water-repellent, PVC coated Nylon
  • To use with EQDog Pro Harness size S, M & L/XL
  • Light weight, each side weight only 340g on size M and 270g on size S pack
  • The M pack includes Incl. 2 highly visible rain covers

Sizing: M

Volume: 3.2 litre each pack

Care instruction: Hand wash