EQDog - Jogging Leash
EQDog - Jogging Leash

EQDog - Jogging Leash

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Jogging Leash

Hands Free Stretch Leash

This flexible dog leash stretches when being pulled. It is ideal for all kinds of activities with your dog from running, biking, to your daily walks. The new technology nylon twisted yarn webbing, with the integrated elastic rods give a soft touch but a strong core. The anodising aluminum EQDOG carabiner only weighs 20 grams, has a built-in swivel and can withstand more than 500 kg of force. Due to its relative small size it also suits smaller breeds. The strong, custom-made of EQDOG side release snap buckle on the adjustable handle can hold twice as much as a regular buckle. The handle extends to a maximum of 125 cm and can easily be worn around your waist or over your shoulder. EQDog also integrated an extra assistant loop behind the carabineer that allows you to keep your dog close to you.

This leash gives your dog some extra room to sniff around and allows you an extra 90 cm braking distance, when your furry friend smells something good.


  • High quality webbing with integrated elastic rods
  • Very soft touch webbing
  • Shock absorbing
  • Durable elastic stretch
  • Super strong, super lightweight custom-made anodizing aluminum EQDOG carabiner with a built-in swivel
  • Large handle adjustment to the maximum of 135 cm.
  • Handle can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder
  • Strong custom-made side release snap buckle on handle for quick and easy on and off
  • Integrated assistant loop for more control if needed

Sizing: One Size


Length relaxed

Length extended (max)

Wearer round waist. (max)

One Size

210 cm

300 cm

135 cm


Colours: Dark Grey/Green or Pink/Grey

Care instruction: hand wash in warm water with mild soap

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