EQDog - Jogging Leash with Detachable Belt
EQDog - Jogging Leash with Detachable Belt

EQDog - Jogging Leash with Detachable Belt

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Jogging Leash & Belt Bundle


This flexible dog leash stretches when being pulled. It is ideal for all kinds of activities with your dog from running, biking, to your daily walks. The new technology twisted yarn webbing, with the integrated elastic rods, give a soft touch but a strong core. The EQDOG anodising aluminium carabiner only weighs 20 grams and has a built-in swivel. Due to its relatively small size, it also suits smaller breeds. The strong, custom-made side release snap buckle on the adjustable handle can hold twice as much as a regular buckle. The handle extends to a maximum of 125 cm and can easily be worn around your waist or over your shoulder (hands-free). We integrated an extra assistant loop behind the carabineer that allows you to keep your dog close to you.
This leash gives your dog some extra room to sniff around and allows you an extra 90 cm braking distance when your furry friend smells something good.


Length relaxed  210 cm

Length extended 300 cm ( Max)


The jogging belt is made of sturdy material, easy to clean and with a soft and airy inner lining. Silicone anti-slip strips are fitted to keep the belt in place. This belt along with our Jogging Leash™ is not meant to be used for hard and constant pulling activities, but to make your jogging trip or daily walk more comfortable for you and your four-legged friend.

Belt only weighs 88 grams!