Eukanuba - Mature Small Breed Dog Food (2.3kg)

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Eukanuba dry food kibbles are rich in fresh chicken and perfect for small sized mature dogs aged from 8 to 11 years

The selected ingredients provide tailored nutrition to support your mature dog's healthy aging. L-Carnitine contained in Eukanuba dry food supports the reduction of body fat and allows your dog to maintain an optimal weight resulting in less strain on the joints. The tailored fibre blend of prebiotic FOS and beet pulp promotes healthy digestion. Contained glucosamine to help maintain healthy joints and calcium to help maintain strong bones. Furthermore, the Eukanuba kibbles are beneficial for healthy skin and a shiny coat thanks to the natural sources of omega 6 and omega 3. The food also contains antioxidants vitamin E & C to help support the dog's immune system. Additionally, the unique Eukanuba hexagonal kibbles and DentaDefense dental care system support clean, healthy teeth in the long term.The food is 100% complete and balanced. Advanced nutrition for small sized mature dogs to support optimal body condition and lifelong wellbeing.