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EzyDog - X2 Boost Dog Lifejacket

EzyDog - X2 Boost Dog Lifejacket

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The X2 Boost Dog Lifejacket is super streamlined with an ergonomic fit

Never compromising when it comes to pet safety, we use only the highest grades of material in all our dog life jackets. It is also reflective for night safety with a lead attachment point and a convenient grab handle.

Whether you're teaching your dog to swim or simply using it as a safety precaution, the X2 Boost Dog Lifejacket will help your dog stay safe around water.

The X2 Boost Lifejacket features a unique fixed collar adjustment system, which only has to be adjusted once. The fixed collar on the X2 Boost Lifejacket always maintains the same positioning, yet still offers ample adjustment. All webbing is contained within the neck strap, therefore there is no loose webbing to irritate your dog. The Ultra-Buoyant foam is strategically positioned around the vest, including the section under the dog's belly. This always keeps your dog upright and in a natural swimming position. Unlike other vests, the lifejacket does not hinder your dog's natural movement and can be fastened/removed easily and quickly.

This dog lifejacket will fit any dog body type allowing them to swim with confidence and run more freely. The geometry of the X2 Boost Lifejacket has been meticulously crafted to fit comfortably around any dog breed, with panels designed to taper to the shape of a dog's torso. A neoprene grab handle is situated at the top of the lifejacket for quick control when required. Reflective piping is used throughout for extra visibility at night. The revolutionary neck adjustment contains buoyant foam to help keep your dog's head above water.

Recreationally for dogs that spend a lot of time in and around the water and for owners who take their dogs on boats. It's also great for dogs who struggle to swim and is recommended for use in Hydrotherapy rehabilitation

Note: the most important measurement for sizing a lifejacket is the weight. This determines the buoyancy of the product, and ensures your dog will stay afloat.

Key Features

Streamline & ergonomic fit
Extremely buoyant - Flotation is distributed much more evenly, with foam also passing under the dog's belly
Revolutionary top pull collar adjustment - A fixed collar that still allows maximum adjustment and buoyancy to the dog's neck and head
Grab handle - A comfortable handle that doubles as a keeper for the neck adjustment
Durable 1680 denier nylon - Extremely tough and easy to clean, a hose or soak in fresh water removes all salt
Reflective piping for high visibility - Excellent for night-time safety, especially on boats
Safety Light attachment point
New Style D-ring - Extremely durable

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EzyDog - X2 Boost Dog Lifejacket
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