The EzyDog Mongrel Leash in Black. Mountain Dog UK.
The EzyDog Mongrel Leash in Red. Mountain Dog UK.
A diagram of the EzyDog Mongrel Leash. Mountain Dog UK.

EzyDog - Mongrel - Close Control Leash

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The EzyDog Mongrel Lead has been designed especially for larger dogs, enabling you to keep your dog close by your side for extra control

A short traffic lead that gives you unparalleled control. The Mongrel Dog Lead is short, measuring 12 inches (30 cm), enabling you to keep your dog close by your side. It is particularly useful when you don't want your dog getting too far away from you such as in overcrowded and urban environments. As this compact leash gives you optimal control, it is also a great training tool. The Mongrel lead is ideal for keeping large dogs in check. The pyramid handle, super strong ski rope and heavy duty snap clip, ensures comfort and reliability in any situation.

Key Features

  • Designed for better control medium to large dogs
  • Strong and comfortable EVA handle
  • Heavy duty, reliable snap clip
  • Short length


  • 30cm Length, or 12 inches