Henry Wag - Pet Car Booster Seat

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Some dogs find travelling stressful which raises anxiety levels for both the pet the and pet parent

Having your dog close by where it can see you and get a view of the road makes travel a calmer and more enjoyable experience. 

The Pet Car Booster Seat features a tether clip to secure to your dog’s harness and provides smaller dogs with a safe riding position. The seat fixes around the head restraint and around the seat back for security. It is supplied with a padded base for comfort plus removable fleece liner for winter journeys and a mesh panel for summer ventilation. 

The extended panel protects the seat back behind the booster seat. It includes a storage pocket and is collapsible when not in use. 

Colour: Grey/Black, Size: 38 x 38 x 25cm 

Suitable for pets up to 8kg