Hunter - Dual Travel Silicon Bowl
Hunter - Dual Travel Silicon Bowl

Hunter - Dual Travel Silicon Bowl

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The LIST silicon travel bowl offers a creative solution to the food and water problem that owners who travel with their dogs will be all too familiar with. The space-saving foldable double bowl takes up very little spice while out and about, but once unfolded provides a bowl for dog food and a bowl for water.

For long excursions and holidays, the LIST silicon travel bowl is an ingenious solution. The travel bowl transforms when unfolded into two differently sized bowls from which your dog can feed and drink in comfort. The bowls are held together by a carabiner, which simultaneously serves as a means of attaching the folded-up LIST silicon folding bowl to a belt, a backpack or a travel bag. The two silicon bowls can also be detached before use.

The food grade silicon is incredibly low-maintenance and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The folding LIST silicon travel bowls can hold 350ml and 750ml respectively, and the front is emblazoned with the fetching compass motif that is the hallmark of the popular LIST range.

Available in two colours.