Hunter - Tracking Leash Flat *CLEARANCE*

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2cm Wide, 5 or 12m Length Available / Neon Orange

The CONVENIENCE tracking leash is the right choice for you if you're looking for a leash with no hand loop to use for dog sports, or when training or hunting.

This durable leash is made from an innovative blend of plastics which makes the CONVENIENCE tracking leash tough enough for professional use and low maintenance enough for everyday use with your four-legged friend. The strong material can be easily washed if necessary.

Above all the CONVENIENCE tracking leash is extremely flat, so the danger of it getting caught or stuck anywhere is minimised. In addition, it also means that there is less possibility of trailing grass, etc. along with you.

Whether used for dog sport or hunting, this flat leash with no hand loop will enable you to work and train efficiently and safely.

The bright neon colour of the CONVENIENCE tracking leash provide improved visibility in all light and weather conditions and on difficult terrain.