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Hurtta - 35XL Expedition Parka *PRICE CRASH*

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The Hurtta Expedition Parka is an insulating parka, ideal for cold weather

Thanks to the Expedition Parka's insulating wadding, the parka retains and traps heat, effectively keeping your dog warm. The parka is easy to use and durable, withstanding most weather conditions. Alongside this, the parka's windproof and waterproof segments allow your dog to retain mobility and flexibility, being able to play and run. 

Key Features

  • 3M reflective pipings
  • Adjustable neckline and chest strap
  • Back-length adjustment placed on the inside
  • High, protective collar
  • Hind leg straps ensure that the hem of the coat stays in place
  • Insulating 120–140g/m2 wadding
  • Snow trap on collar
  • Soft knit lining
  • Very protective collar and hem


  • Durable 300D shell fabric
  • Flurocarbon-free Rudolf ECO water-repellent treatment
  • Insulating 120–140g/m2 wadding

Please view images for measuring guide on the Expedition Parka.
  • Closable opening for a harness in sizes 30–80cm / 12–32”
  • Integrated harness in sizes 20–25cm / 8–10”