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Icepeak - Cooling 2-in-1 Blanket in Large

Icepeak - Cooling 2-in-1 Blanket in Large

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A cooling blanket to provide the dog with relief from heat whenever it is needed. The efficiency of the cooling blanket is based on the cooling effect of evaporating water. The blanket is rinsed in cold water, wrung out and then put on the ground or on dog. Thanks to the press button on the front and elastic band the blanket can be put on a dog. Close the press button on the neckline and attach the elastic band to other button under the belly. Keep the product moist to maintain the cooling effect. Thanks to the the elastic band the blanket is easy to roll and pack with you when travelling. Hang dry between uses. PLEASE NOTE: Fabric does not prevent water going through the product. Make sure the below surface will not be affected by moisture.

Key Features

- Excellent water absorption capacity.

- Cooling effect, makes the heat more bearable.

- Easy to use: rinse with cold water, wring out and put on.

- Good to take it with you when travelling.

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