Johnsons - Ear Drops
Johnsons - Ear Drops
Johnsons - Ear Drops

Johnsons - Ear Drops

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Ear Drops for Dogs and Cats (Dropper Bottle) kills ear mites while softening wax, soothing irritation and assisting in healing

The drops are suitable for treating common mite infestations, which can cause scratching, head shaking and debris in the ear. These drops are not suitable for severe ear infections (indicated by symptoms such as severe inflammation or heavy, strong smelling discharge.) For use on animals 12 weeks or older.

  • Contains natural Pyrethrum
  • Prevents excessive wax build up
  • Suitable for both cats & dogs


  • Cats & small dogs - 3 drops
  • Small dogs - 4 drops
  • Medium dogs - 5 drops
  • Large dogs - 6 drops

Use once a day for 7 consecutive days.

Always read instructions on packaging before use.

Available as a one time purchase or subscribe and save. Subscribing saves you money on multiple purchases of this product - ideal for cats with persistent, troublesome wax!