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KONG - Classic for Puppy

KONG - Classic for Puppy

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The Puppy KONG dog toy is customised for a growing puppy's baby teeth, the unique, natural rubber formula is the most gentle within the KONG rubber toy line

Designed to meet the needs of a puppy's 28-baby teeth, it helps teach appropriate chewing behaviour while offering enrichment and satisfying a younger pup's instinctual needs while the erratic bounce make it ideal for those pups that just want to play.

Please note: as the Blue and Pink colour variants share a barcode, the colour will be randomly selected by our warehouse team.

Key Features

Teaches appropriate chewing behaviour while offering mental enrichment
KONG rubber formula is customised for puppy teeth and gums
Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
Great for stuffing with KONG Puppy Easy Treat; Snacks or Ziggies


X Small - 5.5cm long / 3.5cm diameter (at widest point)

Small - 7.5cm long / 4.5cm diameter (at widest point)

Medium - 9cm long / 5.5cm diameter (at widest point)

Large - 10cm long / 7cm diameter (at widest point)

Recommended Use

Very few dog toys prove to be a match for canine teeth and all dogs have the potential to damage even the toughest of toys. Know your dog and assess the suitability of the toy prior to use. Supervise closely during play and if item becomes damaged, discontinue use.

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