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KONG - Cozie Pocketz

KONG - Cozie Pocketz

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KONG Cozie Pockets' internal pouch holds two squeaker balls that entice dogs to puzzle them out, rewarding hunting instincts with more bouncing, rolling fun. Replace balls in Cozie to extend play. Crinkly body extends engagement. Extra-soft plush invites snuggling between rounds of play.

Key Features

Puzzle toy rewards hunting instincts with two removable squeaker balls inside
Replace balls in critter to endlessly extend play
Body crinkles to entice play
Deluxe plush for indoor snuggle time
Extra layer of material for added strength

Recommended Use

Very few dog toys prove to be a match for canine teeth and all dogs have the potential to damage even the toughest of toys. Know your dog and assess the suitability of the toy prior to use. Supervise closely during play and if item becomes damaged, discontinue use.

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