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KONG - Jumping Jacks

KONG - Jumping Jacks

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The toy with the fun bounce and unique design!

The dental chew that is great to keep your dogs engaged and reinforce mental stimulation and positive chewing. The Jumping Jacks has Denta-Ridges to reduce plaque whilst providing a gentle cleaning to the teeth and gums.

As a bonus the Jumping Jacks Denta-Ridges can be filled with the Eazy Treat Pastes to extend and encourage playtime as well as satisfy chewing instincts.

Made from 100% Natural Rubber


11cm x 11cm

Recommended Use

Very few dog toys prove to be a match for canine teeth and all dogs have the potential to damage even the toughest of toys. Know your dog and assess the suitability of the toy prior to use. Supervise closely during play and if item becomes damaged, discontinue use.

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