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KONG - Sneakerz Knots Medium

KONG - Sneakerz Knots Medium

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Sneakerz Knots’ sturdy internal rope features a rope knot in the head that extends through the legs providing an outlet for appropriate chewing behaviour. Unique, peek-a-boo windows pique curiosity and extend the engagement with foraging fun. Long, dangly legs are great for shaking play and a grippy tennis shoe material legs squeak for interactive tugging playtime galore with these grinning pals.

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Key Features

Dangly legs great for thrashing satisfaction
Sturdy internal rope satisfies chewing needs
Grippy, tennis shoe material for lasting fun
Peek-a-boo windows spark foraging instincts
Four squeakers and crackle in legs extend play

Recommended Use

Very few dog toys prove to be a match for canine teeth and all dogs have the potential to damage even the toughest of toys. Know your dog and assess the suitability of the toy prior to use. Supervise closely during play and if item becomes damaged, discontinue use.

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