Kurgo - Loft Hammock

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The Loft Hammock is fully reversible, with the option of two colours! 

The Loft Hammock is built from durable, water resistant ripstop fabric with a plush poly fill. This Loft Hammock comes with five attachment points for safe, secure fit and protects your car seats as well as your dog jumping into your lap. The Hammock has openings which can be compatible with existing seatbelt systems as well as car seats. 

Special Features: 

  • Reversible and water resistant. 
  • Zipper openings attaching to seatbelt systems. 
  • Under seat paracord adds security. 
  • Can be effectively used as a seat cover when front headrests removed.
  • Five attachment points keeps hammock secure and in place. 
  • Measurements: 160cm Width x 142cm Long

Washing Guidance
Whilst this product is machine washable, it is advised that it is a gentle wash. Alternatively, hand washing the product is recommended. The product can not go in the tumble dryer and must be left to air dry. 

This product is not ideal for vehicles which don't have bench seat covers under the hammocks or with cars that have bucket seats. The product may not fit for large trucks or SUV's. Please follow the measurements above for guidance.