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Kurgo - Wander Hammock in Black

Kurgo - Wander Hammock in Black

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Suspended securely between the front and back seats, the Wander Hammock is a durable, waterproof barrier between your dog and any hope of automotive resale value. There are eight attachment points, for a secure fit, and a centre zipper allows you to fold down half, for those times you have a human passenger back there. Openings allow for both seat belts and car seats. Meanwhile, it blocks your dog’s access to the front seat, keeping everyone safer.

Designed to be used in vehicles with bench seats under the dog hammock. Do not use with bucket seats or over an open space without a bench seat.

This hammock is 160 cm W x 142 cm L and fits most vehicles.

Key Features

- Stain-resistant.

- Centre zipper to accommodate a human passenger.

- Hook and loop openings to access seatbelts and latch system.

- Kurgo Bench Beans© anchor cover in place.

- Under seat paracord to further secure.

- Remove front headrest straps to use as a simple seat cover.

- Spot clean or hand wash. Air dry.


This hammock is 160 cm W x 142 cm L and fits most vehicles.

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