LickiMat - XL Buddy Various Colours
LickiMat - XL Buddy Various Colours

LickiMat - XL Buddy (Various Colours)

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These Lickimats assist with reducing anxiety, boredom and even destructive behaviours! 

The Likimat XL is desgined for medium to large breeds!

LickiMat is the number one tool for helping animals with stressful visits and events. By giving your pet the LickiMat before or during a stressful situation such as thunderstorms, vet visits or bath time they release endorphins that promote the licking behaviour.

This licking behaviour will provide a  release of saliva that  naturally provides cleaner teeth and protection to your pets teeth and gums. The natural rubber surface assists with scraping food particles and odour causing bacteria from your pets tongue promoting naturally fresher breathe. 

LickiMats can be used with any treats, especially healthier treats! Things such as peanut butter, yogurt or purees. Ideally, this provides prolonged enjoyment whilst giving less calories, healthier treats and lasting longer than standard treats. 

The LickiMat can be a perfect replacement for your pets food bowls. It will help reduce the speed to which your pet consumes their food as well as great a more enjoyable experience throughout meal time. These mats will take pretty much any food, such as, wet, raw, dry and liquid food without creating mess. 


Made from non-toxic food grade TPR
30 x 30cm
Suitable for all dogs and cats 
Freezer safe
Microwave Friendly
Dishwasher Safe

Mountain Dog provide toy products from only the most reputable brands. Whilst these items are durable in nature they can be susceptible to damage if play is not supervised.