Mason Cash - Cat/Small Dog Drinking Saucer *Sale 50% Off*

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The Mason Cash Cat/Small Dog Drinking Saucer is durable and heavy, making it hard to knock over

The Mason Cash Cane Cat/Small Dog Saucer is a classic designed bowl and is suitable for both food and water.
The bowl has been specially designed with shallow sides to prevent the cat whiskers having to bend to get to the food causing discomfort.
Produced from chip-resistant, heavy stoneware the bowl is durable, practical and helps to keep food and water cooler for longer. The 13cm diameter/ 250ml capacity is the ideal size for cats, kittens also puppies.
Suitable for use in the freezer and microwave as well as being dishwasher safe the bowl is versatile and practical.
The Mason Cash Cane Pet Bowls has been a symbol of quality, functionality and sophistication for over 70 years, and remains practical for today's modern home. All Mason Cash animal bowls are endorsed by the RSPCA

  • Low sides prevent animals getting their noses dirty
  • Ensures food is always accessible to the animal
  • Increased material weight stops the bowl from being tipped over
  • Thick sides to stop chipping
  • Heavy stoneware to ensure durability
  • Designed to keep food cooler for longer
  • Bite resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Totally hygienic

Dimensions: L13cm X W13cm X H3.5cm