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MDOG - Tuff-Rex Dinosaur

MDOG - Tuff-Rex Dinosaur

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These roar-some dinosaur friends are made with a variety of materials, including embossed material, for engaging playtime. The squeaker inside the dinosaur only adds to the fun!

The MDOG Tuff-Rex is T-riffic for cuddling, which helps relieve boredom and anxiety. They can also be used for fetch games.

Choose from 3 colours.

Key Features

- Squeaker in the body of the dinosaurs, which offers engaging playtime.

- Embossed material provides interesting texture for your dog when held.

- Cuddly & soft.


12cm x 7cm x 25cm

Recommended Use

Mountain Dog provides toy products from only the most reputable brands and suppliers. Whilst these dog toys are generally durable, they do vary depending on your selection. All toys, positioned as tough or otherwise, can be susceptible to damage during play, especially if vigorous, or not used as intended. Always assess the suitability of an item before use, and always supervise play, so you can remove any damaged items should your dog enjoy them a little too much.

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