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DNA - Road Trip - Adjustable Headrest Tether

DNA - Road Trip - Adjustable Headrest Tether

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Need a rugged tether to keep your dog where they should be during car journeys? Look no further than the Adjustable Headrest Car Tether.

The Headrest Car Tether features two adjustable sliders. One allows for adjustability along the length of the tether, which helps it accommodate most dogs. The other allows for adjustability around the headrest, allowing it to fit most styles of car.

Once mounted on the headrest, simply adjust and connect to your dogs harness using the strong, swivelling trigger-hook. The trigger-hook swivels 360° to help prevent entanglement.

Due to how the tether is positioned, it sits out of the way of your dog. They can lie down, sit, or stand comfortably.

This item is versatile, and can be as an emergency lead by using the headrest component as a handle, and then adjusting the main section out further.

British Made - Created in Northumberland with Love

Key Features

- 360° swivelling trigger-hook helps prevent entanglement, and allows for a range of movement.

- Two adjustable sliders; one to adjust the headrest, one to adjust the length of the tether.

- Positioned away from your dog, allowing them to stand, lie down or sit comfortably.

- Doubles up as spare lead - simply adjust the headrest section down to your desired handle size, adjust the length out, and go!


25mm width

Adjustable length - Approximately 49 to 80cm including length of trigger clip from clip to O ring.

Adjustable loop to suit headrests of most cars


Polypropylene webbing

Strong Trigger hooks / Outdoor grade stitching

Recommended Use

This product, when fitted correctly, can reduce distraction while you're driving:

Rule 57 of the Highway Code:

"When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly.“

While this item is built to our usual standards, this item has not undergone crash testing and may not be sufficient to protect any dog and passengers involved in a collision.

Please always consider this guidance, fit to limit movement whilst keeping the dog comfortable and always ensure the product is free of any damage before use.

Note:This product is not crash tested

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