Mr Bones - Curadillo Fish Backbone
Mr Bones - Curadillo Fish Backbone
Mr Bones - Curadillo Fish Backbone

Mr Bones - Curadillo Fish Backbone

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Espinazo de curadillo

Introducing the Mr. Bones all 100% natural snacks range.

Unique, healthy, well presented and packaged. This entire range of snacks and treats are high in protein, great for dental health, stimulating the mind and fighting stress and boredom.

The perfect addition to your basket as a nice treat for your pooch when you receive your order from us.

All products are sourced from producers local to Mr Bones in Spain. Mr Bones works with local factories for human food products to ensure no part of the animal is wasted. The packaging is also minimal in nature to ensure that this is not only a healthy treat choice but also as sustainable as can be.


The curadillo is a fish, mainly small sharks, which is left to dry in the sun and in the air. The airing process causes it to lose water, but not the rest of its properties, so the protein content of this food is high. It contains fatty acids such as omega-3, it is rich in calcium and contains large doses of minerals such as sodium, iodine, iron and magnesium.

It comes in several pieces of different sizes that are easy to split.

Ingredients: 100% Spinazo and dehydrated shark skin

75 grams approx.

Being natural products, the size and weight may vary.