Nature's Menu - Turkey & Duck with Superfoods (600g)

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The ultimate choice in real and natural pet food, Country Hunter offers only the very best for your dog

This seriously meaty, complete and balanced meal is made with 80% duck and turkey, blended with fruit and vegetable superfoods, including mixed berries, sweet potato, carrots and green beans. All gently cooked inside the can to lock in the goodness and flavour that your dog will love.

We only ever use quality, human-grade meats in our meals. No meat meals or meat derivatives, ever. And no artificial colours or preservatives either.


Duck 40%
Turkey 40%
Sweet Potatoes 3%
Carrots 3%
Green Beans 3%
Mixed Berries 2%
Minerals 1%
Sunflower Oil 0.5%
Spirulina 0.5%