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Non-stop Dogwear - Glacier Jacket v2

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The Glacier v2 is a lightweight, ultra-warming coat, using synthetic insulation to keep the core and muscles of your dog warm

The insulation does not absorb water and therefore keeps its insulating properties and low weight in all type of weather. Glacier jacket has a windproof and water-repellent outer layer and is reinforced on exposed areas for extra protection against weather and vegetation. A rubberized mesh on the chest piece stops the water from gathering under the chest. The packable warm jacket was designed to provide the dog freedom of movement. It can be used for hiking trips as well as on training runs when taking a break. The Glacier jacket has several cinch points to ensure the perfect fit for your dog. The leg straps stop the jacket from blowing over in strong wind. The Glacier jacket also has a Hypalon loop on the back where you can put a bungee leash through if the dog is wearing a pulling harness*. The Glacier jacket has dedicated openings for a short harness and a collar. Reflective details make the dog visible on the dark days. The jacket can be easily packed down and stored in the mesh bag it comes with.

High Quality Insulation
The Glacier v2 is insulated with Primaloft Black Insulation Eco, which is commonly used in human sportswear. If you and your dog are caught in a monsoon, the insulation is still effective when wet.
Windproof & Water-Resistant
Despite being a warming coat, the Glacier v2 holds its own against sudden showers and strong winds. The shell is windproof, and water-resistant. Exposed areas are reinforced against weather and rough terrain.
Stay Seen
The Glacier v2 is highly reflective, with reflective patterning across the sides and on the logo. The colours available are bright, increasing visibility on darker nights.
Materials & Care